Hi! This is Rajesh.

He dreams to make it big on the web. In the process, he has started gathering the requisite qualification. I mean, with two failed websites to his name, he is all set to clinch a deal with success. Retiring early from a boring 9 to 5 day job means he actually means business this time however late might it be đŸ˜€

Seriously speaking, this is a desperate attempt to live the life on myhis own terms – one of helping others live a happy life, the mainstay of which, he believes, is money.

However might you criticize wealth, the fact remains that you can lecture an audience well and get claps in appreciation only when you deliver in a happy, composed tone and your audience believes it can gain from your words.

Guessed it correctly. It’s about money in your pocket.

This website is a step to enable you to earn money and be able to save it in the most efficient way. At times, we shall also discuss how to spend or pay money in the best possible way.  That gives the website its name – EarnPaySave

The expertise with money is not achieved with fancied financial degrees. Which is why there is a Warren Buffet and a Bill Gates, who by no means, are the most educated people in the world but definitely the richest.

Though an economist or a financial expert understands wealth and its distribution better than a layman yet I believe a person graduates in money only by really earning, paying and saving.

The underlying purpose with which this website EarnPaySave is being conceived, is to help you earn big, pay less and save max. It will discuss ways to make money however petty or huge they may look. It will also share with you stories of how people have grown from rags to riches. In addition, you will get to know about the current updates in our financial and economic surroundings. In a nutshell, it’s going to cover anything from the penny in your pocket to the GDP of countries and …

..This is only the start…

Let’s repeat once more:

Earn big. Pay less. Save max.

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